Mistress Ealdthryth
 Master Eldred
Participating in the Society for Creative Anachronism is just one of hobbies. Within the SCA we are Master Eldred Ælfwald and Mistress Ealdthryth of Humberstone. Within these pages you'll find information about heraldry, calligraphy, illumination, a little history, and various aspects of both arts and crafts practiced during the Middle Ages.

We have our own household: Ealdercote. Ealdercote? What's that mean? Well, "ealder" is the Anglo-Saxon root of both our names, and a "cote" is a term for a cottage or house (also from Anglo-Saxon). If we tell you more, it will give away the secret....

Occasionally, Eldred will provide educational opportunities for people to learn about the laws of probability, chance, and strategy whilst simultaneously demonstrating amusements and games from a broad range of regions and periods of SCA studies. Games range from Nine Men's Morris and tafl to backgammon, chess, Gluckhaus, and Fox and Geese. Look for the sign of the Red Ale Inn: Argent, semy of pine trees vert, a mug gules, foamed Or

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